Slow Sunday

Long Read

The Fighter: C.J.Chivers

Sam Siatta is a Marine Corps veteran of Afghanistan described by a former Company Commander as the fighter Taliban troops most feared in his unit. He returns back to the U.S and enrolls in university via the GI Bill. As the damage done to him in Afghanistan presents, Sam finds himself struggling with his mental health and spiralling into legal and financial limbo. This piece tells the story of how Sam came home, and nearly lost everything. It also won C.J.Chivers a Pulitzer Prize.

Merkel and the Fancy Bear, ,  and 

In the immediate aftermath of a cyber attack on NHS computer systems in the U.K, the hacks of Macron’s campaign in France and Clinton’s in America it is clear that cyber infiltration stories are here to stay. This piece explores just how a network of hackers were able to spy on the Bundestag’s computer system and what effects it may have on the upcoming German election.

The Ten Main Defense Challenges Facing Macron’s France: Jean-Baptiste Jeangène Vilmer

Jean-Baptiste Jeangène Vilmer, Director of the Institute for Strategic Research, lays out some of the foreign policy priorities facing Emmanuel Macron.



Les Coulisses d’une Victoire (“Behind the Scenes of Victory”)

While many across Europe nurse sore heads after Eurovision 2017, Emmanuel Macron takes office as President of France. In a little over one-year Macron has founded a political party, En Marche! (Now La République En March) and defied expectation to become the youngest head of state since Napoleon Bonaparte – in his first ever run for office no less. Director Yann L’Heroret spent nearly eight months chronicling the campaign, including Bayrou’s endorsement, Penelopegate and the visit to the Whirlpool factory. The result is a behind the scenes look at the man tasked with rejuvinating France.


By the People: The Election of Barack Obama

Following the campaign of outsider and one-term Illinois Senator Barack Obama as he seeks the office of President. The documentary charts the Democratic primary campaign, in which Obama faces off against political heavyweights Hilary Clinton and John Edwards, before dispatching Republican candidates John McCain. Offering insight into a groundbreaking campaign and the perculiarities of U.S primaries, By the People is a must watch for anyone interested in the stresses and strains of political campaigns.

The War Room

Perhaps the great campaign documentary of past decades, The War Room covers the 1992 election battle between Bill Clinton and incumbent George H.W.Bush. Footage includes Clinton’s campaign director James Carville’s withering put down of H.W that ‘he stinks of yesterday’.

Tweet of the Week

Mark Salter, a long-time aide to Senator and former Presidential candidates John McCain, shortly after FBI Director James Comey was sacked.

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