Transparency International: Whistleblowing

Last year I was fortunate enough to work with Transparency International, a Berlin based anti-corruption charity well known for its Corruption Perception Index, providing research support and editorial aid on a series of publications concerning whistleblowing in the MENA region. The work was facilitated through the United Nations online volunteer programme, which matches interested parties with charities seeking voluntary support. The opportunity was valuable experience to practice skills utilised throughout university in a professionalised setting. It was a great exposure to the granular work undertaken by Transparency International and a pleasure to liaise with TI’s Head of People Engagement Programme Annette Kleinbrod.

The reports provide an overview of whistleblowing in several MENA states, initial insights, prominent case studies and summary of current legal frameworks. It is expected that they will form the first release of a series of further reports highlighting the dangers faced by those brave enough to highlight institutional corruption. Corruption is a degenerative problems that exists in many guises but has a particularly pervasive impact in the MENA region, preventing wider access to wealth and entrenching the clientelistic control of elites.

The reports focus on Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia and Yemen and can be accessed via the links provided.


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